buscando palabras

Increase your vocabulary and help your spelling with this fun and simple Spanish and English word search.

– Over 1400 levels.
– Over 14,000 words.
– Great and entertaining game.
– It uses the most common words found in TV shows and movie scripts.
– Definitions and translations for many of the words.
– Reverse word selection
– Gamecenter scoreboard
– Letters grid adjusts automatically to your device

This word search has many features:
– Score points and win coins by finding words in the letter soup.
– Each puzzle has an optional secret word with only a couple letters visible.
– If you are playing a word search in the same language of your phone, click on a word to get a definition.
– If you are playing a word search, not in the same language of your phone, click on a word to get the translation.

Spend your coins when you are stuck:
– Touching the button with the letter “H” and touching a letter in the letter soup displays all occurrences of that letter in the letter soup.

– To remove letters from the letter soup that are not in the words touch the -5 button.

– To find a word you can’t find touch the -1 button.

And if you just give up on a particular level you can even skip it by touching the skip button.

Download for ios.

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