Tic Tac Toe with educational content. Play Tic Tac Toe as one of five beautiful illustrated characters. Play against a friend next to you or against the computer. Listen to the soothing sounds of either the ocean or the jungle, and read/listen to interesting facts about the animal that won.


Space math shooting game. Command a turkey and shoot down products that match the factor. The app will then display the missing factor. Successful answers are awarded with more points and easier game play.

Purim Frenzy

Simple game to celebrate Purim. Touch Boo when you see Hayman, touch Clap for Esther and Mordechai, and touch Yum for the Hamentashen. See if you can improve on your high score or your friends high score.

Chess Clock

Actively developed chess clock: new features and improvements planned. One of the few chess clock apps on any market that supports multi-touch. Allowing you to switch the clock even when the other player is still pressing the button on his side.

T2 Treasure

Trash 2 Treasure is a yard, estate, garage, moving and tag sale finder. It can search for tag sales near your current location or you can find tag sales in other cities or towns.

Plague Match

Match the 10 passover plagues to uncover holiday photos.


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