Easy to play word puzzle game with common words but challenging puzzles.

Key features:
– Fun to play.
– Very small size.
– Unlimited puzzles.
– Cute Avatars.
– Works offline.
– No IAP.
– No user-generated content. Even the user names are generated from fruits and a random number.
– Clear privacy policy with very little data being recorded and no personal data recorded.
– Cross-platform and global leaderboard.
– High contrast.

Available for Google, iOS, and Amazon devices.

2 thoughts on “chancleta

  1. Hi! Sorry, off topic 🙂 Just could not find your any contacts!
    I watched your video about Buildbox removing consent dialog!
    It is super cool! Thanks, I managed to fix it in Android Studio.
    But in XCode I can’t find file, can you help me?

    1. I will be back to Buildbox videos soon. I hope to address this issue when I get there, but currently I don’t have a timeline of when that would be. Hope you have a great year.

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