Privacy Policy

Date Last Modified: Dec 20, 2023.

Impacted Apps: cuadros 2 Inc. (“”, “we”, or “us”) is committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy of your family. We have created this Privacy Policy to show our commitment to the protection of your privacy while you use games.


We do not own or operate any services. The games under this policy do not have any analytics, attribution, or bug or crash reporting other than those provided by our partners. Please read section 2 for details on what those service providers and app marketplace collect.


We use Admob for the monetization of these apps. On the Admob portal, we can see aggregated numbers for clicks and impressions by country and game.

We use Playfab for leaderboards. Playfab generates a unique ID when you connect. The ID is used to map your high score to your device. Playfab also records your location using the reverse lookup of your IP. We also collect your display name, alias, or name to display in the leaderboard by connecting to GameCenter, Google Play, or Amazon (this is optional and you can say no when launching your game). This information is also stored in Playfab and associated with the Playfab information. We do not collect any other information from these services. The high score and any other data are purged between 3 months from the last login. You can also request for the data to be deleted. Since we don’t have any deterministic information you will be requested to provide information so that we can find the data. Examples of this include the last login time, the device used, or/and your high score.

We use TenjinFirebase, and Bugsnag for analytics and game health. We use this information to see the popularity of particular features and general game health.

Depending on the marketplace you downloaded the game (PlayStore, Apple App Store, or others) and what information you allowed those stores to collect we might have access to non-deterministic information about our app usage. Please read the privacy policy of the particular marketplace or store to find out what they collect and might provide to us.


Whatever aggregated and non-deterministic information we can view from our partners portal might be shared with other potential partners. The purpose of these shares is to increase app distribution or find new monetization opportunities. We don’t have access to individual personal data therefore at no point can we share such information with anybody.


External links from ads might take you outside the app. No other links exist in the games.


If you have any questions or want your data deleted please contact us by: